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Nutrition & Fitness Coach for busy men & women wanting to lose weight, build muscle & make it a lifestyle

Best In-Person & Online Personal Training in the Kansas City area

3 Training Sessions Per Week Metabolism Evaluation Customized Nutrition Coaching Accountability Coaching Winner will receive $500 and will be determined by Coaches for the best transformation! Price: $399
Jan 30, 12:00 AM – Mar 12, 11:59 PM
Blue Springs,
2928 SW Moore St, Blue Springs, MO 64015, USA

What We Offer:

  • Individual Personal Training

  • Semi-Private Training

  • Online Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

  • Our program provides progressive strength training for beautiful muscle, cardio for your goals, and nutrition to fuel your body.  Training with us is not just a workout to burn calories.  We train with focus, intention, and purpose. Nutrition is #1 and is included with all training programs. Don't wait, take control of what you can control and let's get you feeling better!

Top Notch Results
Ready to start working on your nutrition, establish a fitness routine, and work towards your goals?


1.  Book a consultation by clicking the "book a consult" button on this page.

Avoid additional weight gain, health issues, and the continuing feeling of being uncomfortable in your own skin!

2.  We'll talk and go over all my programs to see what fits your body and your schedule best.
3. Begin your program created by me and we'll head to goal setting!