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So let's be real.

I'm sure you have many questions and wondering what information out there is the best to believe. What matters most is, you choose what works best for you! Take a look at the answers to some questions below and if it feels kinda right, let's chat!

Just to ease your mind a bit...

What if I can't do a lot of cardio or certain exercises?

A: That's totally fine.  Even the fittest of the fittest out there have injuries and movements they cannot do.  The good thing is, we can work around it!

I don't like a lot of "healthy" foods.  How am I going to do a nutrition program?

A:  Keep it simple.  Even picky eaters can eat healthy enough to get to their goals.  And there's so many ways to cook "comfort" foods in a healthy way!

I don't know what a lot of exercises are.  How will I know what to do?

A: My programs are customized to you, what you have access to, and we can start out simple.  It's all about small steps and gaining knowledge along the way.

What area do you serve?

A: I work Online with clients all over the country!  For In Person Training, I serve the Kansas City metro area.

How does Online Coaching work?

A: We communicate through email, calls, and your customized shared program that I create for you!  It's a lot to go over in this FAQ, but once you join, you'll get alllll the details.  We will become a great team no matter how many miles apart we are!

If it feels kinda right and you want to learn more, fill out the Client Application to schedule a free consultation to see which program fits you best!

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