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Kansas City's #1 Private Personal Training Gym is Hiring!


Unlike big box gyms, we only do personal training. This means that you don't have to "work the floor" and compete with other trainers to get clients. Instead, you bring your skills and positive attitude, and together we fill your schedule with clients, education, and community. Sound like a good fit?


We're looking for enthusiastic, positive and hard working people who believe in our mission and share our commitment to helping people transform.



My name is Amanda Linn Clark and I am able to fulfill my passion in fitness by teaching others the importance of strength training, nutrition, and the most sustainable way to maintain their achievements.  We put extreme focus on each of our clients, which is why we only do one on one personal training and semi-private sessions.  We are growing our business, and looking for new team members to keep up with our expanding clientele!

We need Lead Trainers to create programming, Personal Trainers to execute programming, and team members willing to share their knowledge with their coworkers through quarterly in-house training parties.



New clients are taught stability and mobility techniques, to help them overcome pain and get ready for bigger lifts. During these sessions, you will also teach the basic lifts (squat, deadlift and press) using barbells and kettlebells. You will also be teaching members to use resistance bands and suspension trainers, to help them understand how to do homework or to prepare them for the optional semi-private sessions outlined below.  These sessions are by appointment only.



Semi-Private sessions consist of 2-5 clients. These sessions are still modified individually, but will be structured through programmed training blocks that all semi-private members will be doing. You will be responsible for leading, motivating and monitoring them for safety and healthy movements.  You will also need to demonstrate the skill set of being able to modify on the fly if any client experiences an ailment.  We offer 18 sessions per week that are on a set schedule.



What's your skill set? If you specialize in nutrition, power, agility, mobility, goal-setting or something else that sets you apart, we want to highlight you and share your expertise with our clientele. They get your knowledge, and you get the reputation of a fitness leader in our community. (You also get commission.)



If you're not there yet, our senior staff will take this on. As you get more facile in program design, you get to flex your creativity and take ownership of your clients' journeys, leading them to new heights of physical strength and abilities.


  • Personality and Etiquette: You must be inspiring and professional at all times (in person and on the phone), and have an innate desire to help people.

  • Integrity and Coachability: People are trusting us with their bodies and goals, it is vital that you are trustworthy. You also need to be able to listen to feedback and be hungry for growth, both as a trainer and as an employee.

  • Punctuality: You must be on time. Always.



If you have these skills, your resume will go to the top of the stack. (If not, you should still apply, because attitude goes a long way!)

  • Certified NASM Personal Trainer

  • Nutrition Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist or Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • If you think you're a good fit for our team, please click the button below to apply!

Please send us your name, phone number, and include your

  1. Resume

  2. Reference sheet

  3. A cover letter detailing WHY you want to work with us

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