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Why am I dedicated to this lifestyle?

I’m dedicated to this lifestyle and here’s why:

1. I have been heavier before and I 1000% hated the feeling of it, I’ll never go back. 2. I’ve seen unhealthy unveil before my eyes and I don’t want that for my kids. 3. I like to feel good and look good. It makes me happy. 4. Working out releases happy hormones and relieves any life stress. 5. I think muscles with some feminine curves is super beautiful, so I want that. 6. I like that my man finds me attractive. 7. I like that my kids look at me as strong, fit, and successful. 8. I have lots of energy. 9. I can lift and carry heavy things in normal daily life like a bunch of grocery bags 10. I can go on adventurous trips with my family and not struggle. 11. It keeps me looking and feeling young. 12. I like clothes A LOT and I can wear whatever I want cuz I feel good. 13. I am an inspiration. 14. I hate taking pills so if I’m healthy, I’ll reduce the chances of being on a bunch of meds.

Here’s reasons why I shouldn’t workout or eat healthy: 1. (inserting cricket emojis here...)

Are you dedicated or do you have excuses?

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